1. cardbomber

    Amazon carding method

    Requirements: • CC with FULL billing information (do make sure that it is a nice BIN such as Gold or Platinum) • E-mail account that is related to the cardholders name (as an example if the cardholders name is Joe Bloggs, you would want an e-mail such as [email protected]) • Socks5 Proxy...
  2. F

    Hello carding stuff

    hello carding stuff members, im franklin from romania and i want to contribute in this forum, as i have seen there is no moderator yet, hopefully i will be first mod of this forum.
  3. C

    Stay anonymous, carding and hacking safety

    Anti-forensics is the art of leaving no trace on your computer, it is combating common forensic tools in preventing any penetration for forensic tests on your computer. Anti-Forensics can pretty much be summed up in one famous quote: "Make it hard for them to find you, and impossible for them...
  4. B

    apple pay carding method 2021

    This method is easy and very dope... Works like a charm... Pros 1. Easy sign up 2. Easy mastercard debit card issued instantly and ready to be linked to apple pay or used for Android tap (android pay without using da android pay app) 3. 1000$ transaction limit per day 4. No drop needed 5. Dead...
  5. R

    hello carding world

    hello carding world im a new carding member here
  6. B

    Method to card anything successfully

    1) One of the biggest mistake new carders do is try to card on big popular sites like Amazon and Ebay. (You need to know this big sites have high security and they are hard to card if you don't have a method don't card without knowing also methods for big sites gets killed quick) 2) Trying with...