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Feb 21, 2022
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Amazon Store Carding updated Method

• Do not use a vpn, it can get your account locked faster, though, you can use a premium USA proxy!
Make sure the IP is American The method works best in the USA, but, there is still always a chance Amazon can lock your account, thats why use your main account if you dont mind having the chance of losing it.

Do not waste time buying Digital Items such as giftcards, as Amazon will contact the bank directly to confirm the purchase, so only stick to Physical Items!

• The method works best with amazon aged accounts and even better if you has previous orders on it. 1st order - 50$, 2nd order - 100$, and after the 2nd order you can order any amount until the card gets declined!
1. Add the generated card as a credit/debit card and it wont need an CVV and an Exp Date (Store Cards dont need CVV and Exp Date) and for the name of the account, usa a fake American name, it has to be American! 1/2. For the cards Billing Address, enter any American Address, it has to be American! You can generate any USA address in your local browser. 2. Wait 7+ days with the card on your account if your account isnt aged, and 4-5 days if your using an aged account. 3. During the days browse Amazon at least 15 minutes a day while adding removing things from your cart and wishlist. 4. The day of your order you add your items from the wishlist to the cart, remember to not add the items straight to your cart! 5. You can proceed with the order per usual but you have to mark the order as a gift. 6. Wait for the products to arrive and enjoy. • After the first order you don't have to do the 7+ days of browsing • All you have to do is wait for the 1st order to arrive and order 12-24hr later. • HOW TO LOWER THE RISK OF YOUR ACCOUNT GETTING LOCKED: 1. Contact customer support live chat before your order 2. Say that you are having some troubles ordering and you need some help 3. After they ask what the issue is explain that you dont want your order to get flagged as suspicious activity when trying to order presents 4.They should say that there will be no issue now and you can proceed with your order 5. (Optional) Ask them nicely to stay on live chat, just so if something goes wrong while ordering and continue per usual 5/2. If the account gets locked tell the support person and they should be able to unlock your account.

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