apple store carding tricks

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Sep 29, 2021
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Go to
Add item to cart.
Choose full payment method and unlocked items only
Choose Pick up or Shipping
Click continue and checkout
Now comes Sign In / Guest.... Choose Sign In
Put Apple ID you have ( Email & Password only) and click continue
Billing will appear, Just click on the CARD saved in it already and click continue
Now review the order and PLACE ORDER

After Thank You Confirmation, You can click on the order number and it will track it.

After the Line has moved from Order placed to Processing... Wait till it moves to preparing to shipped
Means they have charged the credit card..

Then u chat or create skype in the name of account owner to call Apple.
Chat Apple customer service to and give story change address to ur drop address

No bombing is needed

*NOTE* : Don’t change anything in the account except owner email (after checkout, where u see account owner email, put ur own created email in place of his/hers.... this means u will clean owner email and put ur email so u can receive order notifications instead of account owner

Note: If Pic up...After ready for pickup den u login the Account,
EDIT to add alternate picker ( ur drop Name only)
Place to ur pickers zipcode
use account ip