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Sep 29, 2021
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In this article we will tell you about google carding method and its features

There are 3 authentication methods in Google wallet. The maximum size of the Deposit depends on the level. At the initial level, it is $ 400 and does not require documents for confirmation. The second level requires confirmation of documents but the Deposit is $ 900. The maximum level requires documents and special programs but the Deposit at this level is $ 3000.

To work with this method, Fullz is required. You can . Be sure to set the language of the operating system, time zone and address of the cardholder. Do not skip on Fullz it is very important that you are not caught and you can use google wallet carding method.

Use Internet via Safari. When creating gmail account, specify similar data as if you are the owner of the card.

Turn on vpn
Create a Gmail account or log in to an existing one
Open the site
Go to your wallet settings and confirm your Google account. Add ssn us etc
If verification is successful, now add a credit card
If you manage to add a card, try adding money wallet / send to another Google wallet account
Approval of a google transaction can sometimes take up to a week, but usually takes a couple of days or even instantly. Try it!)