Hack a wifi within 5 minutes


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Feb 21, 2022
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Hello carders,

i know alot of people struggle with internet, especially me and i gotta say, i spent alot of time on how to hack Wifis efficiently and i used many softwares and programs but this is the most fast and efficient way i found and i use it till this day!

Heres the method :
1.First, Download Jumpstart WPS and install it, we will not be working with it, we only need the protocol it uses.
2.After installing Jumpstart, Download Waircut. ( I highly recommend downloading these softwares at sourceforge, sometimes other download links might have trojans ) 3.After downloading Waircut, open it, Click scan above for scanning potential WIFIs, after scanning select a wifi and click Pixie WPS button and voila!

PS: This softwares hacks the WPS PIN at first, then tries to get the password with it. so just keep trying but if it does the same shit for a while stop and try another wifi. also, wifis who have big possibility to be cracked are the ones who have a stars symbol in the right!

For any questions, just comment and leave a like, I will personally help you til you hack your first WIFI !
Trust me, you wont be paying for wifi anymore after this