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Sep 29, 2021
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Emv software
ATM hacking software
Blank card

The msr is linked to the emv software and ATM hacking software when you are about to write the dumps with pin on a blank card.

Then emv software makes the blanks card looks real and no one or machine will be able to detect that it’s a clone card they will see it to be a real card so no one can trace you or something. The emv software is a software which protects the blank card and makes it look real. With that no atm will be able to detect that the dumps with pin was written by yourself but it’s will make it look like it was a card from the bank and also the emv software protects the card from any region block..without the emv software it is 50% that your dumps with pin is gone work or not but with the use of the emv software when the dumps with pin don’t work meaning the dumps is not legit

The ATM HACKING SOFTWARE helps you to breaks the limit of every ATM so you can cashout more than the ATM limit without no notice.meaning you can cashout all the amount in the card with the use of the atm hacking software

The blank card is what the dumps with pin is written on.

And the embosser is what write the numbers of the dumps with pin on the blank card. Understood

Msr for $50
Emv software for $100
ATM hacking software for $60
Embosser for $30
Blank card for $35$ for 200 pieces

That is the price for all the equipment you will need to make a clone card.

Clone card is also for $60 depending on the balance you want and fedex guy who will bring it to your place

Meaning if the clone card will be done linking the emv software and atm hacking to the msr with the equipment listed above that will be the cost for it..Understood...The balance on the clone card is 60$k and above as same as the balance on the dumps with pin...When you order for the clone card and make cashout of all the balance at ones cuz the atm hacking is linked then you come back and order for the equipment with the some of the money cashed out from the clone card which was sent to you, after the equipment ordered for you just have to now order for just the dumps with pin and you will be taught how to make a clone card so that very will be simple for you