market research, need boutique Carding!??


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Nov 1, 2022
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Hello friends ,

here I am launching this market study to find out if people would be interested in a carding service.

I could card you phone, connected products, clothing, auto parts, otherwise ask me what might interest you.

At the same time as classic carding, I can also recharge your PCS prepaid cards for example so that you can then go to the distributor to withdraw your money.

Withdrawal of the goods either at a relay point, shelter or at the address of your choice.

It will be up to you to provide the documents you will need if the sites do checks so I am not responsible if the site does not approve your documents, I could provide you with links to serious shops where you can get them .

Also provide anonymous chip so be ready to see calls again to verify your orders with the hotline service to appear more serious

Introductory price 60% for you discount on carded products and 40% for me then it's 50/50

obligatory escrow with an advance fee of 30 euros from your pocket before starting work

Anonymous crypto payment such as Monero, otherwise provide 7% more for other cryptos

I await your comments, questions etc.

your keyboards !