Netflix carding tutorial


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Feb 21, 2022
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1. DO NOT USE VPN or u can use VPN but with same country as u living.
If u live in USA then use VPN USA, don't use different country.
Because u can't use that account for streaming if country is different (New netflix rules).
One time I try using different IP country and I can't use the netflix account for streaming because country is different.

2. Public CC is worked, I have tested.
Don't waste ur good CC to do it, just use public CC.

3. You can type fake email in registration form.
If the account successfully paid, u can contact customer service to change email with real email.
Don't forget to save CC number because customer service will ask CC number if u will change email.

4. If netflix ask for OTP:
Clear browsing data, use another email, repeat until success.

Good luck!