Unlimited amazon prime carding method

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Sep 29, 2021
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Step 1. First thing you guys need to go to this website here is the link: "Click Me"
(If you're on the site you can translate everything with Google Chrome click on the top right on translate)

Step 2. Make a new amazon account for 30 days free. Use any valid email you want you can use a gmail or outlook email that you don't use. Now after you put any name and email and password they will send you a code on your email for verification put the code.
(When making the amazon account put any name a valid email that you don't use and a password that you will remember also every time you log in you need to put that email and password)

Step 3. Now when you put the code they sent on your email they will say something like continue registration on amazon.de or Go to Amazon.com click on Continue registration on Amazon.de
(Remember every time the language changes you can use the translate tab on the top right of google chrome)

Step 4. Now they will ask for payment you want to add a bank account for that you will need to go to this link click on there > "Click me for fake Bank Account"

Step 5. In that link you will have random name and bank information so add a bank account fill everything with the random bank information on the link in "Step 4" fill everything out.
(When they ask for State leave that blank no need to put a State info)

Step 6. Now that you have a fake bank account pay the trial with the bank account and there you will see you have Amazon Prime.

(do not put a cc info you are paying with the fake bank account)

NOTE: For Amazon Prime Video you will see that some movies are not available because of your location and because you using "Amazon.de" all you need to do is go to "Amazon.com" and log in to the account you just made that have Amazon Prime.

Also i don't know if this is working on any device i tried on PC so you guys can try on your phone.