Walmart Carding Method By Cronoz


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Sep 25, 2022
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I've Carding for a while now, And i must say, it's been a fulfilling Journey for me. I've Nothing to loose if im gonna share my least carding Method. Im doing this for the Newbies to grab chances and cashout Asap.

Step 1: Make sure you disguise is 100% with or which ever.

Buy a Cc from a reliable Vendor(Make sure you have a reliable vendor Mine is )

Make sure your proxy is set as same location as CC Owner

Create an email adress with Cc owners name.


Signup on walmart and create all same info as CC.

Find any Gift card of Your Choice, but make sure its an instant Email delivery and dont go beyond $50 on first trial.

Checkout and pay.


After completion. Get prepared that Order will 100% Cancel after about 15mins of Order Completion. Because they've got some sophisticated Sh*t on.

Dont Panic, Thats what we expect.

wait for about 5 mins after Cancellation and And Chat the 24/7 support, Inform them of your Cancellations and you really need the Giftcard for an urgent Need.Tell them you just contacted your bank and all seems fine on Your end

The support consultant will apolozize and will promise to fix your problem manually. He or she will instruct you to make a Re-order after 30 to 45 Mins. Thats Right.

Wait for 45 mins and reoder again Behold, Its gonna work Like Charm. ENJOY YOUR LOOT. hahaha. You can send me token if you wish though (Kidding) . incase you're stuck at anypoint, just comment here, lets keep this thread Alive. I will be dropping loads of method here as the spirit Leads.